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Recolors of Sims 4 Objects

Ooh, La La  Collection

10 Patterns:

Princess Cordelia's Galleon Single and Double Bed
Pretty Sitter Chair
Understated Elegance Curtain

6 Versions:

Apple of Your Eye Wall Hanging

12 Versions:
Nature Silhouettes Rug

20 Colors:

Pretty Sitter Chair
Refurbished Pirate Chest End Table
All Purpose Desk
Understated Elegance Curtain

BRIGHT and MODERN Collection

I Shutter at the Thought -
EA Fix/Maxis Match Recolors of Sims 4 Shuttered Windows

7 of EA's Windows with Shutters Recolored to Match ALL Windows with Shutters

Michaela Mara Art Prints

Happy Holidays Chalkboards 1 & 2


Some Fresh and Modern Recolors of the Galleon Bed

Thanks to Saudadesims's wonderful tutorial, I was able to figure out how to do recolors of Sims 4 objects!

Please enjoy this bright and airy re-fresh of the highest price/top comfort bed in the base game - Princess Cordelia's Galleon Bed.  This package overrides the EA default colors.  

Look for more coordinating objects (chairs, curtains, etc.) to come soon :)

Star Wars Prints - Superassymetry Painting Recolor

My very first Sims 4 CC Creation!

Like the trailer for the new Star Wars movie?  Me, too!  It inspired me to make these prints.  Now your Nerd Brain sims can have a little bit of sci fi goodness to decorate their nerd caves.  Enjoy!


EA Base Game Recolors


I Otter Be in Pictures

Michaela Mara Art Prints

In Session Novelty Chalkboard

Happy Holidays

Chalkboards 1 & 2

Superassymetry Picture

Star Wars Prints


Princes Cordelia's Galleon Bed

Bright Modern Recolors


Almost Secure Safety, Basic Bay, Kitty Corner Casement, Shutter to Think, Suburban Outlook, Tall Outlook, Woodcutter's

Maxis Match/EA Fix Recolors