I made these recolors a while ago, and they have been sitting in my WIP folder ever since. I never shared them because I thought I had to wait for TSRW to be released so that I could edit the mesh and get rid of those stupid tear-off numbers on the flyer in the center.  Well, I finally went into edit the mesh last night only to find that it wasn’t the mesh after all - it was the alpha channel on the texture!  Sneaky, EA ;)

EA Curated Corkboard

  • 3 Recolors:

    - food and wine theme to go in your kitchen or study

    - sports theme and the last one has kind of a

    - tween/teen girl vibe.  


    (Both the sports and the tween version have a little geek thrown in for good measure.  Because you can never have enough geek.)

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