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UPDATED 6/18/18:  Now all recolors are on one mesh; custom frame and icon added to previews; color filter compatible


So, I was browsing through FB a few weeks ago, and I saw a post by RuthLessKK about how frustrating it is not to be able to match windows in Sims 4. (insert moment of silence for the death of CASt here) There are lots of color options in Sims 4, and they are pretty random as to the availability in various windows. This set of recolors addresses windows with shutters. Now you can have all 18 colors EA uses in 7 different windows with shutters for all of the texture variations EA made for that window. That’s a lot of dang windows! I hope you find this helpful in your building :)

I Shutter at the Thought

  • 7 of EA's Windows with Shutters Recolored to Match ALL Windows with Shutters

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