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Finished the recolor set today!  I started off with the idea of a shabby chic set.  And then it headed off in another direction, I think. Although it is still a tad shabby…  Anyway, I really like the pattern and color combinations and will be using them in my game. I hope some of you find them useful as well :)

Ooh, La La! Collection

    • 20 recolors of the Pretty Sitter Chair (polka dot pattern and fabric texture added), and Refurbished Pirate Chest End Table
    • 10 Pattern recolor of Princess Cordelia’s Double Bed, Single Bed and the Pretty Sitter Chair
    • 10 Patterns/20 colors on the Understated Elegance Curtain and All Purpose Desk (desk blotter uses pattern)
    • 10 recolors of Princess Cordelia’s Bookcase
    • 6 recolors of the Apple of Your Eye Wall Hanging
    • 12 Oriental Rug recolors of Nature Silhouettes Rug
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