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Tumblr 1000 Followers Gift!

I’ve been creeping up on 1000 followers for a while and finally hit the milestone right before I went on 4th of July holiday. Thank you to everyone who has followed my tumblr and downloaded my creations <3 

So, I’ve been obsessed with the show Fixer Upper for years, and I love Joanna Gaines’ design style. So much so that I made the 4 hour round trip to Magnolia Market when we visited my M-i-L for Thanksgiving in San Antonio last year (It. Was. Magical.). I was inspired by the farmhouse industrial style for this, and the decorative items are based off of items available for purchase on the Magnolia Market website.  I hope you enjoy this little set :)


Magnolia Mini Set

    • base game compatible
    • non-default
    • 6 meshes in total (5 new and one EA Mesh Edit) with between 6 and 16 color/style options
    • find items by typing “Magnolia” in the search bar 
    • custom thumbnails (dark grey frame with kitkat icon)
    • Round table seats 6 and uses peacemaker-ic ‘s wood tones palette over my favorite EA Sims 3 wood-grain pattern
    • Uses standard EA dining table decorative slots so as not to interfere with dining table functions. You can use download and use my OMSPs to add more clutter :)
    • City Living’s Strappy Chair was DYING to be a real live bistro chair, so I tweaked the mesh and texture a bit to make it so. It’s much happier now.
    • - Chalkboard [Decorations - Wall Art]  (§53, 728 polys)
      - Wood & Metal Mounted Basket [ Decorations - Wall Art ]  
         (§53 , 1601 polys)
      - Galvanized Milk Jug [ Decorations - Plants ] (§33 , 416 polys)
      - Small Galvanized Milk Jug [Decorations - Plants] (§33 , 416 polys)
      - Magnolia Round Table [ Surfaces - Dining Tables ] (§300 , 966 polys)
      - EA Strappy Chair Edit [ Comfort - Dining Chairs ] (§53 , 648 polys)


    *The Wood & Metal Mounted Basket is considered slightly high poly (over 1200 polys per square). Use with caution if you have a lower end machine.

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