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Wow - it's been a minute or two since I shared anything. Now that I'm back, I have a bunch of 1/2 finished projects that I want to get out. The first is an update of my old OMSPs which have been batch-fixed in case there were any work-ability issues created by the multitude of patches that have happened while I was gone. They're also updated to have fancy new catalog images and have had the occluder shadows removed so that they don't make floor shadows.


AND I'm adding 5 Brand New OMSP heights - living chair, dining/desk chair, bar stool, sofa/love seat and bed!


I hope you enjoy and find these useful in your game :D

Sims 4 OMSPs

    • 5 New Heights
    • Slots for small,medium, and large objects
    • Found in Comfort and in Decor
    • Works with Design Tool
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