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This seating group started as part of another set I’m working on that was becoming a victim of “creeping featuritis” with no release date in sight. So, I decided to focus on the modular sofa for now and release it as a small set of its own.  


I really wanted to give lots of frame color options to go with the colors and patterns I picked, but with 43 color/pattern options for the cushions, adding in multiple frame colors would have made the number of swatches explode. That’s when I hit on the idea of separating the frame and making it recolor-able on its own. That was the start of the modular seating concept, and I’m pretty happy with how it worked out.

The frame and pillows all attach to slots on the cushion - no MOO or OMSPs required. This gives you a massive amount of possible color/pattern combination possibilities (hundreds? thousands?) without taking up too much space in the catalog. Go crazy!


Stair Rail Modular Sofa

    • base game compatible
    • non-default
    • 12 meshes in total with around 40 color/pattern options on each
    • find items by typing “Stair” in the search bar
    • custom thumbnails (periwinkle frame with kitkat icon)
    • Frames have solid color options and @peacemaker-ic ‘s 16 wood textures 
    • Cushions and pillows have 28 solid colors and 15 patterns
    • Place the cushion first. The frame and pillows attach to the cushion.
    • - Living Chair Cushion [Comfort - Living Chairs]  (§150, 437)
      - Living Chair Frame  [Comfort - Living Chairs ] (§ 150, 484)   
      - Love Seat Cushion[Comfort - Love Seats]  (§ 150, 796)
      - Love Seat Frame [Comfort - Love Seats ]  (§ 150, 594)   
      - Sofa Cushion [Comfort - Sofas]  (§150, 1258)
      - Sofa Frame [Comfort - Sofas]  (§150, 644)                 
      - Left Pillows [Comfort - Living Chairs/Love Seats/Sofas ]  (§150, 1009)
      - Center Pillows* [Comfort - Living Chairs/Sofas ]  (§150, 1469) 
      - Right Pillows* [Comfort - Love Seats/Sofas ]  (§150, 1501) 


    *The Center and Right pillows are considered slightly high poly (over 1200 polys per square). Use with discretion if you have a lower end machine.

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