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I made the first group of these shelves a while ago to go along with a group of Cassandre's Color Trends Boutique items I converted from Sims 2. They were inspired by Mirake's Mira's Shop for TS2 on TSR. The old shelves needed a little updating (new slots, shadows and textures), so I fixed the original three and created three new ones as well.


All 6 shelves have 7 textures (6 wood textures and one solid white texture). You'll need to use the MoveObjects to place them as shown in the pictures.


Enjoy and look for another group of Color Trends Boutique items coming soon!


Retail Shop Shelves - 3 New & 3 Updated

    • 3 Updated Shelves
    • 3 New Shelves
    • Lots and lots of slots for small,medium, and large objects
    • Found in Surfaces - Accent Tables and in Storage - Misc.
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