I hope you love these as much as I do, because I ran into so many issues trying to make them work!  I nearly gave up at least twice, but I managed to get the last issue with the bed blankets somewhat solved.  So, here they are!  Enjoy :D

Ohbehave007 Chesterfield Inspired Bed [Conversion]

  • Items found in:

    COMFORT - Beds
    - Double Mattress  (24 recolors)

    - Double Bed Frame  (24 recolors) 
    - Single Mattress   (24 recolors) 
    - Single Bed Frame  (24 recolors) 


    Decorations - Misc.
    - Single Bed Pillows  (24 recolors)

    - Double Bed Pillows  (24 recolors) 
    - Extra Blanket & Pillow  (24 recolors)

    - Single Bed Blanket  (24 recolors) 
    - Double Bed Blanket  (24 recolors)

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