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I just love Nemestnaya's Sims 2 meshes. This is a conversion of her Love mini-set with 20 color swatches on the chair, loveseat, lamp and lips phone. The pillows and rugs also haved added decorative swatches.


I tried to convert this whole set for Sims 3 ran into a variety of obstacles. For one, I never could figure out how to get the antiquing on the mirror. It took some experimenting, but I finally found a good object to clone and got it right! I also finally got the objects UV mapped nicely enough to apply a consistent texture.


Be advised, some of these meshes are extremely high poly as there were originally in Sims 2. Use with caution if your graphics card has trouble with the game.


Happy Valentine's Day <3


NMS Love Set

    • 10 Converted Objects for Sims 4
    • 20 Color Swatches on Chair, Loveseat, Lamp, & Lips Phone
    • 10+ Texture Swatches on each Pillow & the Rug
    • 5 Textures on the Mirror & Table
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