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A little late to the party, but I finally have some retail shop items to share :) These are TS2 to TS4 conversions of 10 items from Cassandre’s Color Trends Fashion Boutique set.  Each object has between 5 and 12 recolors each.


I also have my very first meshes of my very own!  They are simple and are inspired by Mirake’s modular shop shelves from TS2.  These will be larger pieces though and are specifically sized to fit with the Color Trends conversion items. The textures are Maxis Match and designed to color-coordinate with the “Pedestal” displays from Get to Work.  

All of the items are cloned off of base game meshes and do not require the Get to Work EP.  I have playtested the items and the shelves, and they work with the Get to Work retail mechanics.

Cassandre's Color Trends Boutique

    • 5 New Heights
    • Slots for small,medium, and large objects
    • Found in Comfort and in Decor
    • Works with Design Tool
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