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Note - you have to have some of the surface of the daybed showing on each side of the blanket for 2 sims to be able to sit on the loveseat together.  Also, the pendant light REALLY is that low on the lowest wall setting. It will clip your sims’ heads unless you carefully place it.  I will do some different height variations of it if anyone is interested :) I have play-tested, but please let me know if you find any problems.

Awesims Cleopatra Daybed [3to4 Conversion]

  • Items in the Set:

    - Daybed (found in Loveseats)
    - Blanket (found in Rugs)
    - Standing Pillows (found in Rugs)
    - 2 Pillows (found in Rugs)
    - Pendant Light 

      (found in Overhead Lighting)

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