Kitkat's Simporium 
Homes and Other
for Sims 3 & 4

Kitkat's   Simporium

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New Download - 1/18/13

10 Meshes
Door 1 & 2 (frosted glass, clear glass, & wire mesh)
Bed (usable when doors are placed correctly)
Frame (right and left facing)
Triangle Block Add-on
6 Meshes:
5 Pillows (6 pre-set textures and CAStable)
Throw (4 pre-set textures and CAStable)
Items included:
Christmas Box
Little Doll
Photo Frame
pomme de pin single
pomme de pin grouped
Xmas Candle
Both .package and .sims3pack are included in the download.

In this Download, you'll find:
coffee table
sunburst mirror

Both .package and .sims3pack are included in the download.

Monthly Make Challenge

Bygone Era - Inspired by the '50's

Monthly Make Challenge

Monthly Make Challenge
.package and .sims3pack availabe in one download

Nemestnaya's Atelier Chesterfield Conversion - Part 1

22 Items Included in Part 1
Furniture Pieces:

Coffee Table, Open House Table, Ordinal Chest, Chesterfield Sofa, Conservatory Chair, and Tropical Chair

Floral Mirror and Reassembled Mirror

Paintings and Posters:
Set of Canvases, Morton Leaning Canvas, and Christensen Leaning Canvas (leaning canvases found in misc. decor)

Bloom Floor Lamp

Clutter/Misc. Decor:
Ashtray, Monogrammed Mug, Frames, Trading Cards, Newspaper, Open Book, Read, Room Key, Pipe, and Wooden Box

CLICK for ingame pictures and detailed pictures of the 22 items available for download :)

Mediafire Download

Webs Download

Nemestnaya's Atelier Chesterfield Conversion - Part 2

21 Items Included in Part 2:
Clutter/Misc. Decor:
Anthropologie Pillow, Antique Books, Art Book, Big Throw, Clover Mug, Design Book, Dish of Cookies, Green Candle, New Yorker, Paisley Pillow, Portable Record Player, Rabbit Sculpture, Scrapbook Pillow, Two Books, Vintage Phone, Yellow Ashtray, Yellow Candle

Macaw Rug

Fake Flowers, Flower in Glass

Curtains and Blinds:
Roller Blind
CLICK for ingame pictures and detailed pictures of the 22 items available for download :)


Conversion of Ohbehave007's Halloween Goodies

Conversion of Ohbehave007's Ayat's Table


10 Converted Meshes:

Hanging Bats (etc.), Hanging Ghost Lamps (3 height options),
Candy Holder, Candy Jars, Pumpkins and Flowers, Jack-O-Lanterns, Caramel Apples (with and without plates), Tea Lights



Includes 6 items

Table is found in Endtables (77.00)
All other times are found in Misc. Decor:
Book ( 5.00 ), Books1 ( 49.00 ), Books2 ( 93.00 ), Flowers ( 37.00 ), Glasses ( 17.00 )



EA's Smooth Jam in 3 Parts Recolors

Reclone of EA's Smooth Jam in 3 Parts mesh onto a recolorable version.  There are a total of 15 options on one mesh.  

Found in:  Decor - Paintings and Posters

Cost:  575.00

Ohbehave007 Chesterfield Inspired Bed Set Conversion

2 Beds (found in Beds)
Chesterfield Single Bed - $300
Chesterfield Double Bed - $1000

3 Pillows (found in Rugs)
Single Bed Pillows - $45
Double Bed Pillows - $95
Small Pillow - $20

2 Quilts (found in Rugs)
Single Bed Quilt - $95
Double Bed Quilt - $125

Summer Fun Prints

Art by Bomobob

Meshes by Aikea @ Club Crimsyn, SAG @ Living Sims, & Armiel @ MTS

14 pictures on 3 different mesh options.

Available in  .package and .sims3pack

Eleganz Living Room Conversion

Conversion of's Eleganz Living room.  Contains:  round end table, square end tables (tall and short versions), oval coffee table, buffet table, dining stool, hutch, sofa, and living chair.

London Calling Prints

London inspired artwork from  For Black Pearl Sims' July Monthly Make challenge.

Mesh by SimsArtGallery

Danish Modern Prints

artwork by handz @ Etsy

Floral Wall Stickers

Mesh by Aikea @ Club Crimsyn

Blanca Gomez Prints

Mesh by Angela @ BiteTheBullet

Art by Blanca Gomez

Tudor Village by Garbuckle3000, Kulthero777, & Kitkat7145


Poster Collage

Mesh by Aikea @ Club Crimsyn

Art by various artists @ Etsy and on  the Web

Clipped Prints

  Mesh by GirlFromVerona

Amy Butler Designer Wool Rugs
(3x4 & 2x3)

     Mesh by baufive @ b5studio

Stefani Ferrari Prints

     Mesh by SAG @ Living Sims

Oopsy Daisy Kids Pillows & Prints


Madeline Millington Nursery Pillows


Trina Turk Pillows
(leaning, flat, & large flat)


Rodney White Artwork
(5 prints)