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Sims 4 OMSP for Surfaces with Slots

     I know that MOO is greatly expanded in the Sims 4 with the ability to raise/lower objects just using bb.movebobjects in the console window.  Unfortunately, I find that objects will still "snap" to container slots in surfaces that have them. Especially when I REALLY don't want them to....grrrr.  This left me longing for some good, old-fashioned Sims 2/3-style OMSPs.  

     It took some fiddling, but, with the help of some advice and tutorials over at Sims 4 Studio, I was able to make something I'm quite happy with for my decorating needs.  Hopefully, you might find them useful as well. 

NOTE - the use of bb.moveobjects orTwistedMexi's MOO mod is still required.

  • 6 Heights
  • Will not "snap" to slots
  • Found in Surfaces and Decor
  • 2nd texture is transparent
  • Works with Design Tool