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Kitkat's   Simporium

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Builds by Kitkat


This is my most downloaded lot of all times - 68,000 and counting!
For Build-n-Share Week 15...3BDR/3.5BA, $254,560 furnished/ $130,891 unfurnished, features: large ponds, swimming pools, decorated throughout, landscaped, ''aquarium" pools, outdoor living spaces. Play-tested and ready for your Sims! Created at 500 Sunnyside Blvd. - place here for best views.
Build-n-Share Week 16 - A remodel of Anjubee and Okadoka's Winterhaven haunted house. 3BDR/2BA. $170,230 furnished/79,895 unfurnished. Features: pool, fishing pond, many skill builders. Play-tested and ready for your sims!

Architect - valennealv (; interior designer - Baylee 2107 (, landscaper - Kitkat7145. 4 BDR, 4.5 BA. $118,666 furnished/ $78,405 unfurnished. Large living spaces, multiple bedrooms and baths, sleek modern architecture and interior design, carport, pool, pond, rooftop garden. And all on a 20x30 lot! Crisp, modern, and compact. Enjoy! 

Build-n-Share Week 6 Contest. Furn: 165,044. Unfurn: 88,888. 2BDR/1.5BA House with Mother-in-Law Suite. Suite adds 1BDR/1BA plus extra kitchen, sitting area, and study. Perfect for roommates or extended family. Features: fully furnished, carport, koi pond stocked w/ 5 kinds of fish, extensive landscaping and outdoor living areas, gazebo with foosball table, workout room, media centers, multiple computers. Has everything for any type of sim from athletic to angler to genius and more.
3BDR/2BA Spacious two story home with a stately mediterranean feel. Furnished: $342,819/Unfurnished: $112,775. Features: extensive landscaping and gardens, pond with fountain, pool, garage, red sports car!, open-air workout area on upstairs veranda, decorated and furnished throughout. Enjoy!
For Build-n-Share Week 14. 4 BDR/4BA in a duplex style house. $94,0487 furnished/ 70,439 unfurnished. Features - decorated throughout and extensively landscaped; waterfall, two pools, deck, study, fitness area, two-story. For best fit, place at 130 Redwood Pkwy. Enjoy! **Contains a custom pattern by Daenelia.
2 story Victorian inspired cottage. 3 bdr/2 ba. $96,136 furnished / 51,701 unfurnished. Features: extensive landscaping, interior decorated throughout, pond with arched bridge, playground, detached study, 2 fireplaces, playroom for the kids. Fully play-tested and ready for your sims to move in! Interior pictures available at

Build N Share Week 9 - family starter for the Calientes. 2 BDR/ 1 BA starter home, small but cozy. Furnished: 17, 148 / unfurnished 13,320. Features: fully furnished and interior designed throughout, walk-out basement, deck, pond, landscaping. Perfect for your small starter family.

Community Lots

This lot replaces the Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley, It can replace Truelong School in River View with some additional landscaping. It functions as both a school and a library. Child sims will go to school here. Adult sims will come to read and use the computers. I have even seen them grab a snack in the dorms or shower as needed. Now with an art room and swimming pool.

For Build-n-Share Weeks 180-181 - A cupcake shop with owner's apartment above.  This is a community lot built at 380 Mirabello in Sunset Valley.  It is set to Visitors Allowed and contains a food register.

Contains CC



Community Lots