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Archived Front Page Posts - Oldies but Goodies!

3/18/15 Awesims Paola Living Set                                                Converted for Sims 4

Credit To:

Sarah/Awesims for the Meshes & 2 Patterns

UV Mapper Pro
Blender 2.70
Photoshop CC

Items in the Set:

- Sideboard (found in Accent Tables)
  11 recolors
- Risom Chair (found in Living Chairs)
   10 Patterns & 24 Solids
- Lightolier Floor Lamp 
   24 Solid Recolors
- Starburst Mirror /Large and Small
  10 Recolors
- Deco Bowl and Vase 

  (found in Decor/Clutter- 24 Recolors)

3/12/15  Awesims Cleopatra Daybed Set      Converted for Sims 4

**Note - you have to have some of the surface of the daybed showing on each side of the blanket for 2 sims to be able to sit on the loveseat together.  Also, the pendant light REALLY is that low on the lowest wall setting.

Items in the Set:
- Daybed (found in Loveseats)
- Blanket (found in Rugs)
- Standing Pillows (found in Rugs)
- 2 Pillows (found in Rugs)
- Pendant Light 

  (found in Overhead Lighting)

There are a total of 10 patterns and 24ish (they might not have been TOTALLY consistent over the items - oops) colors used.


Awesims for the fabulous meshes for TS3  <3

Awesims, Spoonflower, for the patterns


Photoshop CC
UV Mapper Pro

2/6/13 - NMS Pretty in Pink Conversions

New Items:


Antique Scroll Chair


Industrial Table, Vintage Wall Shelf

Paintings & Posters:
Notice Board, Wall Decoration, Vintage Wall Switch

Misc. Decor:

Film, Photo Album, Scissor, Small Ceramic Box, Small Iron Eiffel


Flower Pot

Long Curtain

Study Lamp

15 new items & 9 updates in set!

Camille originally converted a large chunk of Nemestnaya's Pretty in Pink Set for Sims2.  I have converted the remaining 15 items and have updated a few of Camille's meshes to make them more like Nemestnaya's originals.  Between my set and Camille's, there are a total of 44 items, mostly consisting of cluttery goodness with a few furniture items thrown in for good measure :)


Updated Items from Camille:

Vintage Binder: added Nemestnaya's original texture
Fanback Windsor:  added Nemestnaya's original texture and tweaked mask to make wood grains line up more realistically
Framed Butterflies: removed glass group so that butterfiles could be seen better
Radiator:  removed slot that made objects sit inside the radiator
Pencil Vase, Pink Rose, Vase with Rose, White Flowers, Yellow Rose: adjusted glass values to make them translucent rather than frosted

**Credit to Nemestnaya for the Sims2 meshes and to Camille for the conversions


Nemestnaya for the original Sims2 meshes & Camille for her conversions



UV Mapper Pro


Photoshop CS5

1/18/13 - Cupcake Shop

For the first time in a very long time, I joined in on the Build-n-Share challenge on the main TS3 forum.  The challenge was to create a cupcake shop with a small apartment for the owner above it with a budget of only 35,500.  So, I give you the Buttercup Bake Shop.  It was built at  380 Mirabello Rd.   in Sunset Valley (site of the Little Corsican Bistro).  Check the read-me in the download for a list of Custom Content credits.

1/18/13 - Decorative Stove

In creating the cupcake shop this week, I got frustrated (again) that you can't place stoves on community lots.  And then I remembered how easy it would be to export a Sims 3 base game mesh for a stove and put it on a cloned base game decorative object.  So I did!  This stove is purely decorative and does not function in any way, but now you can have the look of a stove on your community lot.  Enjoy!

Found in Misc Decor for $25


1/6/13   NMS Petit Paris Conversion:  
             BPS Monthly Make - Living on a Shoestring

What I picture when thinking of Living on a Shoestring is using hand-me-downs, family antiques, thrift store finds, and re-purposed furniture and decor.So, for this Monthly Make I have converted Nemestnaya's Petit Paris set for Sims 2 which has a very vintage/flea market feel to me. The set contains:

simple chair (80.00 dining chairs)
decorative chair cover (15.00 misc. decor)
dining chair with cover (15.00 dining chairs)
small mirror (100.00 mirrors)
secretary desk (15.00 misc. decor)
and clutter: Eiffel Tower, small Eiffel Tower, flower, canary bird, and cage (15.00 misc. decor)

12/29/12  Ohbehave007's Cubby Hole Conversion

Requested by Butternut22

 Butternut22 requested a covnersion of this adorable under-the-stairs bed for Sims 2 by Ohbehave007 a little while ago. I was hoping to have it done before I left to visit family for the Holidays, but I just didn't have enough time.  It's done now though!  There are a total of 16 meshes:

5 Pillows from Crissi's Hideout
1 Throw from Crissi's Hideout
Frame (left and right versions)
Door 1 & Door 2 (clear, frosted, mesh)
Add-on Triangle Block


Ohbehave007 for the original meshes


UV Mapper Pro



Photoshop CS5

12/16/12  cassandre's Christmas Clutter Conversion

BlackPearlSims (where I am now a designer!) has a lovely tradition of releasing little gifts for its members on each day of Advent.  I didn't get in on the Advent creating in time for this year, but I wanted to share somethin for Christmas. So, I converted cassandre's fun Christmas Clutter gift from 2010. All of cassandre's original textures are included as the first version, and I've added other color options as well. And each item is now either totally or partially CAStable. Some of the original meshes are quite high poly, so use with discretion Happy Holidays!!!

Lama's 2012 Advent Gift

Exclusively at BlackPearlSims!


Lama at BlackPearlSims made the cutest little gnomes for a Stocking Stuffer gift this year.  I asked if I could convert them, and even though her policy is generally not to allow conversions, she was feeling the holiday spirit and said yes.  Out of respect to her creation policy, this download is only available at BPS (registration required).  Happy Holidays!

Items Included:

Large Gnome
Small Gnome
Log End Table

12/9/12  cassandre's June's Bazaar Conversion - Part 1

In this Download, you'll find:
coffee table
sunburst mirror

Some of the original meshes are quite high poly, and I've reduced polys wehre possible without degrading the look of the mesh. Still, use with caution to avoid slowing down your game.

In most cases, Cassandre's original textures have been included as the primary design and recolorable options are available as well. Enjoy!

The original set has around 40 items, so look for Part 2 in the near future.

Cassandre for the original Meshes
TSRW, Milkshape, Blender,
UV Mapper Pro, Photoshop CS5

11/24/12  Nemestnaya's Atelier Chesterfield Conversion  -  Part 2


21 Items Included in Part 2:

Misc. Decor - Anthropologie Pillow, Antique Books, Art Book, Big Throw, Clover Mug, Design Book, Dish of Cookies, Green Candle, New Yorker, Paisley Pillow, Portable Record Player, Rabbit Sculpture, Scrapbook Pillow, Two Books, Vintage Phone, Yellow Ashtray, Yellow Candle
Rugs- Macaw Rug
Plants - Fake Flowers, Flower in Glass
Curtains and Blinds - Roller Blind

In most cases, Nemestnaya's original textures have been used as the primary design and recolors have been added, as well as making things CAStable where practical. Some of the original meshes are quite high poly. The polys have been reduced where possible, but use with caution to avoid slowing down your game. See the "Read Me" included with the download for more informatin on poly counts.
10/22/12 - This is Halloween!

More Ohbehave007 Goodies for you :)

10 Converted Meshes:

Hanging Bats (etc.)

Hanging Ghost Lamps (3 height options)

Candy Holder

Candy Jars

Pumpkins and Flowers


Caramel Apples (with and without plates)

Tea Lights

10/7/2012 Ohbehave007's Ayat's Table Conversion

6 items - available in .package or .sims3pack
I just love Ohbeave007's items for Sims2!  For this conversion, I bring you Ohbehave's Ayat's Table set now available for Sims 3.  All of Ohbehave's original textures are included as well as recolors and some CAStable versions.  Feedback is welcomed!  Enjoy :)

Included:  Table, Glasses, Flower, Book, Leaning Books, Stacked Books
Sims2 Meshes - Ohbehave007
UV Mapper Pro
Photoshop CS5  - Archived Posts (all the posts I could recover from my hacked blog)

Tudor Village

May 19, 2012

     I teamed up with Garbuckle3000 and Kulthero777 over at the TS3 forums on a fun little
team project.  Our challenge was to create a Tudor Village with at least 3 houses, a school, a tavern/inn, a worship/marriage spot, and a market square. Garbuckle did the architecture, Kulthero took care of interiors, and I did the landscaping.  You can find pics of the interior furnishings HERE.  We kept it CC free except for the market square, although Sims 3 Store items were used. 
     Each sims3pack comes with a Readme listing all the store items and any EPs or SPs used in creating the lot.  Enjoy!

Poster Collage

May 4,  2012

I created this re-color of a poster collage using Geldyh at Club Crimsyn’s great mesh (and many thanks for the generous TOU!) a while ago.   There are 4 versions on one mesh.  Credit to various Etsy artists for the lovely images.  I used it in my Staff Project entry for the latest issue of LivingSims.  Enjoy! Hope you find it as useful in your builds as I have.

New Stuff Soon!

March 12, 2012

It’s been a while since I shared anything, but that is about to change!  I have a few new prints and a rug set that I’ve created but haven’t had time to share yet. Here’s a pic of one of the prints in game (on a great mesh by Gelydh from Club Crimsyn)

There will be four different art options on the same mesh for this one.  Also, I’ve been learning how to mesh myself thanks to Jonesi’s fantastic tutorial over at BPS – Thanks, Jonesi!   Above is a pic of the first object I managed to mesh:  a bunny bookend.

It’s been re-sized since then, and the smudgy part on the bunny’s butt has been fixed.  I hope to upload it and two other bookends from Wolfrum this week while I’m on spring break.  I’ve also meshed a mid-century modern console table (for lack of a better description) and a mid-century modern end table and coffee table shaped like a guitar pick in my quest to master Milkshape controls.  I’m getting better with the meshing part, but turning the mesh into a proper Sims3 object needs a bit more practice… more updates to follow this week

Clipped Prints

January 28, 2012

I adore GirlfromVerona’s
clipped prints, and I wanted to have some more design options with this very cool mesh.  So I made this set today with amazing art from Kelly Cook (available at Etsy).  There are a total of 9 prints in one .sims3pack.  You can see all the versions HERE. I hope you like them as much as I do.

RL Project - Preliminary Exams

September 11, 2011

Just a note to let you know that I haven’t abandoned the blog, I’ve just been consumed with studying for my doctoral prelims the past month.  I finished up a few outstanding projects on various boards, but I haven’t had the time to start new ones or share my recent ones.  I hope to be back somewhat after next weekend when my exams take place.  I’ll be starting my dissertation after that, but  I have a good chunk of that already planned out.  As a result, I should be able to have a bit of free time during the process – more so than the past few weeks anyway.  Creating on Sims3 is how I relax and express myself creatively, so I won’t feel TOO guilty about posting in the midst of my research… More soon (I hope!)

Barn Conversion Challenge - Black Pearl Sims - Round 1

August 11, 2011
Finished up my entry for Round 1 of the Barn Conversion Challenge at BPS.  This was a really fun one.  I made a “bank barn” which is a barn built into a bank or hillside.  I really like how it turned out.  Thanks to Angela at TSR for the
garage door set, murano for the Rejal windows, and madaya74 for the casement archway (pay items). Click to see a slide show!

Nursery Pillows & Prints

August 9, 2011

Well, that took far longer than it should have… but I learned something about TSRW! Here’s my second set of pillows for kids   I found some really great art by Kelley Ash at  There are 8 versions in total. Both the print and the pillow have all 8 options.  Thanks to
baufive for the pillow mesh.  They are floor height, so an OMSP is needed to place them on a bed, sofa, or chair.   The print mesh is from the base game and has a recolorable frame.

Madeleine Millington Pillows

Kementari and Macthekat on LivingSims put out a request for some cute pillows for kids room.  I found so many adorable things that I’m planning to do a series of kids pillows and matching wall art.  Here’s the first group of pillows in the series.  These are actually from textile cards by Madeleine Millington. Credit for the original mesh goes to MangoSims.  Enjoy!

Trina Turk Designer Pillows

August 6, 2011

I recolored some pillows this week with lovely Trina Turk geometric designs. There are three pillows, and each pillow has two Trina Turk patterns in four different shades. The standing  accent pillow mesh is from MangoSims. The flat accent pillow is originally by Cassandre for Sims2, converted by Lit, and the large floor pillow is by Jope at Simply Styling. All pillows are floor height, and you will need an OMSP to put them on the couch, a chair, or a bed.  Thanks to the original creators for the meshes!